Idaho Head Start Alumni Network

In 1965, our nation made a commitment to open a window of opportunity for at-risk children through "Project Head Start." In the 50 years since, nearly 32 million Americans have attended Head Start. Are you one of them?

In Idaho, we are encouraging Head Start alumni and parents to tell us who you are and share your story. Those who have been touched by this program know the reality of how a head start in life can help lead to success.  If you are an alum or the parent of one, please tell us your story. Our Idaho Head Start alumni are powerful voices for the Head Start promise that every child, if given the opportunity, can reach their full potential.  We’ll keep you informed of ways to support and advocate for Head Start.

We will also connect you to the national alumni network, which once you join, you receive the monthly newsletter, Connections, and hear about the amazing work your peers are doing all across the country. Alumni Network members will also be kept informed of NHSA's work to ensure that the Head Start window of opportunity remains open for future generations, including the many ways you can get involved and help out.

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