Head Start Healthy Start Action:
3 Simple Steps to Support Head Start

1. Find out who your legislators are. Idaho has 35 legislative districts. Everyone has one Idaho senator and two Idaho representatives. They are elected every two years. The next election will coincide with the Presidential election in November 2020. You can find out who your legislators are by visiting: https://legislature.idaho.gov/legislators/whosmylegislator/ and typing in your home street address (not work). You'll find their name, email address, street address and phone number.

2. Tell your Head Start Story. You have a Head Start story to tell, and it's important for you to share it with your legislators. Parents have stories, alumni have stories, staff have stories, agency and non-profit staff have stories - Head Start has made an impact on your life. The best letters are short and from the heart. All three letters can be the same, just change the "Dear" part. Remember to mention your local Head Start program by name and include your name and address. Email is fine.

Sample Parent Letter
Dear Senator (last name) or Dear Representative (last name),
Thank you for representing me at the Idaho Statehouse.
My son is four and he attends the Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Head Start in Moscow. I couldn’t leave him with anyone but his grandmother. Now he loves going to school. His teacher helped him not be afraid. Our Family Advocate taught me ways to help him become more independent. I attended a Head Start parenting class that really helped. I’m happy he’ll be ready for kindergarten. Please support Head Start.
(your name)
(your address)

3. Help someone else share their Head Start story with their legislators. You're the expert now. Help another person find their legislators and send them a letter/email.

Have questions? Want some help? We're happy to assist you. Please contact us at bfoxcroft@idahohsa.org or (208) 230-1712.